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I describe my experience of running in the 2003 recall election as “a performance art piece rather than a campaign.” One thing that I concentrated on was the experience of campaigning itself (such as it was.) I realize that the focus in different in this campaign (I actually want to win) but I still think that the experience is interesting for itself.

So, here are my campaign posters:

Mad props to National Printing Company in J-town, for a great job, and being a pleasure to work with.

It’s raining now, but when it’s dry, I’ll be going up the street to downtown Willow Glen to ask businesses to put them up in their windows. As long as we’re in the mad props department, my excellent gym, the Fitness Group is the first such business to do so!

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  1. George Green Says:

    Diana–You have no info on your website relating to your campaign, i.e., how does one make a contribution? No credit card info, no address to send a check to. I hope that you intend to do a targeted mailing to District 2. If the incumbent is running, meaning there is no open seat on the Water Board, then winning, no matter how strong your qualifications, is not likely. If you’d like to know more about targeted mailings and running a winning campaign,
    I’d be glad to meet with you. George Green

  2. Pat Ferraro Says:

    Can I get a few signs to get in the windows along the Paseo de San Antonio, between the light rail stations and SJSU. 1000’s of students pass by my Chiropractor’s office every day. Her name is Mindy Pelz, Family Life Chiropractic. Her husband is Sequoia Hall, who is an elected Board member of the SCC Open Space Authority.

  3. George Green Says:

    Running for public office IS a great experience, and enlightening, but winning is what it’s all about. Hard, if not impossible, to win against an incumbent, no matter how inept, in our society. An open seat is the realistic target for anyone interested in actually being seated and making a difference. Targeted mailings are absolutely more important than any other campaign activity. Like anything else that’s valuable, targeted mailing is expensive. I’ve been involved in many local campaigns, many successful, so if you’d like more info, I would be glad to offer it. George Green

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