CAG Meeting

Yesterday was the first real meeting of the South Bay WPCP Master Plan Community Advisory Group. We saw a presentation about the master plan process, mixed a bit in small groups to get to know each other better, and then decided to defer electing two spokespeople until our next meeting in January.

The small group discussion focused on what makes for an effective committee, and then an exploration of everyone’s vision of what the WPCP could be. I was inspired to hear so many participants express the dream of a facility that would be a draw in itself, not only through uses to benefit the public on its 2700 acres of land, but also a treatment plant that would incorporate green building practices and the latest in water treatment technology and become a model for others.

Many other members of the group share my enthusiasm for recycled water, as well. I’m still unclear on the extent to which we will be able to influence the direction of the master plan, but, despite the explicit understanding that the group is not required to reach consensus, I’m encouraged about the direction we seem to be heading already.