Campbell Farmers Market

I’m off to a fundraiser this afternoon for the Ecological Farming Association, and I have to leave too early to be able to work at Veggielution. :-( But the extra time this morning did mean that I got to ride my bike and visit the Campbell farmers market, which is my favorite market after Mountain View (and much more accessible.)

There was stone fruit everywhere! I got some Santa Rosa plums, to go along with the peaches, cherries and plumcots that area already in my kitchen. We won’t even mention the strawberries.

Even more luxurious was this beautiful display of tomatoes at Capay Organics.

And I like the look of this booth.

I bought some young torpedo onions.

Another discovery for me was Fifth Crow Farm, which grows Sonora wheat, making Pescadero a hotbed of wheat production in California. I bought some wheat berries

partly, I admit, for the cute packaging. Mike, the friendly Fifth Crow farmer, invited me out to see the farm the next time I’m over the hill at Año Nuevo. Veggielution is going to tour Pie Ranch on 18 July; maybe we can see this farm, too.