CSA Box, on the move

I had tried to do this whole post on my iPhone, before coming home, but I was foiled by flickr’s refusal to supply the URL for photos to its mobile version.

Anyway. I myself am going to be on the move for most of next week, so I left most of my CSA box to the tender mercies of other members, rather as the Romans used to leave foundlings in earthenware jars.

In the passenger footwell of my car, we see a bag of peppers, two baskets of strawberries, half a dozen eggs, and a bag of potatoes, cucumbers, garlic and zucchini.

I’m drying the zukes, and the potatoes and garlic will keep. I plan to bring a fruit salad tomorrow morning to Veggielution, where we’re gearing up for summer abundance with a Friday morning harvest. We’ll see about the cucumbers.

To round out this meagre post, I add an article from the NY Times about the unearthing of a river in Seoul, and efforts it inspired in Yonkers (of all places) to do the same. I was reminded of the San Francisco streams in Ecotopia, which had been laboriously brought back to the surface. Our creeks here in Santa Clara County are not so much buried as channelized and neglected, although the article does briefly mention the efforts in LA to restore its eponymous river, which looks a lot like many of our creeks, but with less water.