Animal Planet

Yesterday was a special “Animal Planet” episode of Veggielution. First we met Chloë,

who has a hurt foot, seemingly no fear of people, and a crop now so stuffed full of birdseed that she feels like a Beanie Baby. Monica Lisa really wants to take Chloë home; we’ll see if that happens.

Then Belinda saw a snake in the watermelon patch, and Bruno made friends with it.

I had a gopher snake when I was a child, named Kevin, so this snake was Kevin to me for as long as Bruno kept it (during lunch.) Then he let Kevin slither away by the compost heaps, where there were many mice to be had.

I cooked zucchini with chili and garlic and then served it with tortillas and queso fresco. We made salsa, guacamole (from my gleaned mini-avocados) and salad (with lettuce from the acre, tomatoes and cucumbers.) It was a nice workday, with maybe 30 people there. Amie held a workday leader training meeting afterward.