I did pick up my box last week, although I didn’t blog about it. This week’s box is the usual late summer wonderfulness, with two extra-wonderful treats: a watermelon and green chickpeas!

That’s a lot of wonderfulness, no? Clockwise from the bottom, we have: apples, raspberries, butter lettuce, basil, collards, Early Girl tomatoes, peppers, red cabbage, an heirloom tomato, green chickpeas, Sungold cherry tomatoes, baby arugula, carrots, eggs and, in pride of place, a Moon and Stars watermelon.

WIth apples, I tend to use one or two a week in bread, then bake a pie with a big pile of them. I’m not quite ready for a pie; maybe next week. The raspberries will get eaten tonight, as will the lettuce, tomatoes and some of the baby arugula and basil (I’m finally making a salad.) I’ll roast and freeze the peppers, and roast the eggplants and make baba ganouj. I’ll use the collards in soup, and the cabbage will go with some apples and sausage. And the carrot bag is getting pretty scary. It is time for a carrot loaf.

The watermelon is very good, although the seeds are bigger than I remember, since I’ve got used to seedless varieties. And tomorrow I’ll roast the chickpeas with olive oil and salt, and eat them out of the pods, like edamame.

An addendum to yesterday’s links: Helene York has another great post about out of season tomatoes. I’d love to work at BAMC.

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