Vamos a ver… We have, clockwise from top right: carrots, zucchini, apples, eggplant, melon, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, basil, collards, and eggs and red onions in the mush pot. The carrots have started a new bag, the apples have joined the reactor core, which is reaching criticality. The zukes are dehydrating, peppers and eggplants for roasting. You know the drill.

Last week, I had friends over to eat kohlrabi, beets and collards, although not all in the same dish (well, some of the kohlrabi and the collards were in a dish together with potatoes.) They did a great job, which means I’m starting with pretty much a clean slate this week. Well, except for lettuce. And the cake that Ms. J brought over to share.

Today, I cooked red cabbage, apples and sausage, in honor of the “official” beginning of autumn (despite my opinion that using the solstices and equinoxes as endpoints for the seasons is silly.) I’ll serve it with polenta. This past week, I also made a dish with many weeks’ worth of dehydrated zucchini, some roasted tomatoes, and spinach, over which I served some Dover sole fillets which had been sauteed in butter.

So what do you guys think? Should I go deeper into the descriptions of what I actually cook with these things? Or do you just like to see the photo with the pretty colors?

And while I’m thinking about cooking, I have a menu for the Bounty of Heart’s Delight. It looks like a real menu!

Moonflower aged sheep cheese, from Garden Variety Cheese in Watsonville

Crisp flatbread, made with Sonora wheat from Pie Ranch in Pescadero

Grilled, marinated red peppers, from Veggielution and Live Earth Farm

Marinated olives from Mission San José

Sopa de elote y flor de calabaza, featuring corn and squash blossoms from Veggielution

Field Salad, featuring greens and sprouts from Veggielution

Guisado de puerco, featuring TLC Ranch pork and Veggielution tomatillos

Harvest Pilaf, featuring wheat berries from Pie Ranch and mushrooms from Far West Fungi

Roasted Winter Squash, from Veggielution

Frijoles de la olla, from Phipps Country Store in Pescadero

Wine Poached Pear with Creme Anglaise and Wild Fennel Biscotti, featuring Santa Cruz Mountain pears, courtesy of Village Harvest

Sounds yummy, no? Make sure you buy your ticket!