If there’s no photograph, did it happen?

I realized as I was driving away from the farm this afternoon that I hadn’t taken a single photograph, however underwater-looking, to document the work day. I wandered through the winter squash planting, where we have many pumpkins getting huge and orange. I picked a couple of small ones to try frying them. They were as tasty as anything edible is when it’s fried in olive oil and dusted with salt and pepper, but lacked the caramelized sweetness I was looking for in winter squash. I participated in the actual work of the farm, making up seed block mix. I saw the lovely flyers for our dinner that Amie had printed up, then left behind the small stack I had set aside to take home. I ate homemade bread, vegetarian chili and guacamole. And then I put stuff away.

But you’re going to have to take my word for it.

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