Dishing and plowing

First, Sunset maagzine came out to the farm a little while ago, and posted about it in their gardening blog.

Second, I went to a SubCulture Dining event last night. (WARNING: site plays music!) Ordinarily, the hipper-than-though vibe (evinced by that annoying website, and the s00per-seekrit instructions) would have put me off completely, but this was a Mangalitsa pork special event, so I took the plunge. I’m glad I did; it was a very lovely meal. But a meal composed mostly of pork fat, so perhaps not to everyone’s taste. I ate every scrap.

Finally, I’m off to Eulipia, where we will roast and marinate peppers, bake biscotti and flatbread, and simmer some vegetable stock. All seems in hand for tomorrow’s dinner. We’ve sold 43 tickets as of this morning. I think it will be a very festive occasion.