Your tax dollars at work

So I got a little pink slip in my mailbox yesterday, because I wasn’t home to sign for a certified letter. I schlepped down to the Post Office to pick it up, and I was surprised to see that it was a package from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. For me!

I open it up, and it’s the Response to Comments for the Final Environmental Impact Report of the Alviso Slough Restoration Project. It’s 190 pages long, with a color cover.


Did I comment on this project? Why yes, I did, back in July of last year.

Short and to the point. Of course, is it going to do any good?

Who knows? But this isn’t the outrageous thing. Remember that this was sent certified. Go back and click on the first image and see the postmark. The District spent $10.05 to send this thing to me, and every other person who commented. And how much did it cost to print them? Haven’t these people heard of PDFs and email? I am flabbergasted at this profligacy with public money.