Well, well, what have we here? Clockwise from top left we have: chard, kale, lettuce, beets, parsley (I took an orphan, too,) baby bok choy, kuri squash, apples, carrots, radicchio, tomatoes, and cabbage.

As well as an indifferent blogger, I’ve been an indifferent home cook lately, so I had to get rid of some sad old greens to fit this stuff into my fridge. I kept the chard and beets because Poto asked for them, so I hope to unload them by the weekend. I will definitely be serving roasted carrots for Thanksgiving, and I’ll bring an apple pie to the Thanksgiving warm-up I’m invited to on Saturday. The parsley I plan to chop up as part of something like a mirepoix and freeze. The radicchio is still destined for the grill, but may go from there into a risotto. I had some yummy coleslaw for lunch that put me in the mood to make some of my own, and I will stir-fry the bok choi and attempt to Eat More Salad. And make some pasta sauce to freeze, too.

Tonight I’m off to a meeting of the Community Advisory Group for the Water Pollution Control Plant, starting another week off on the wrong foot by not cooking. I’ll have to plan carefully for Sunday morning, maximizing the produce I use for the workday lunch.