Día de los muertos

Despite the extra hour vouchsafed unto me by the federal government, I dragged my sorry self to the farm an hour late this morning. I stopped at Mi Pueblo at the corner to pick up queso fresco, salsa, pan de muertos y masa harina and we made veggie fajitas (“no meat-ahs”) with fresh tortillas. Corn tortillas are one of those foods where the freshly made version is so much better than a boughten one that they might as well be different foodstuffs. Lisa channeled her abuelita and patted out perfectly thin, round tortillas, which she cooked on our nonstick griddle that wasn’t a comal, but played one on TV today. Then when she was done, and the griddle was hot, oh my, I fried sliced red onions and sweet peppers very quickly. We ate them with salsa, both from the store and made from our tomatoes, along with the good bread, cheese, jam and salami that Todd brings every week. Then we sat around in a stupor until we could get up the strength to clean up.

Here’s a photo of the fajitas, after we ate as much as we could hold.

and here’s a photo of peacocks in the parking lot. Can you find four of them in this picture?

If you read this blog and sometimes come to the farm, or ever even think about it at all, I encourage you to show up of a Sunday. We have so much food lately; we need more people to help us eat lunch. Todd made apple crisp, too.

I came home and used my Italian seeder-skinner (for what is positively the last time) on tomatoes I brought from the farm. The extracted pulp is cooking in a slow oven for what I hope will be something like Hank Shaw’s preserved tomatoes, but which I’m afraid will only approach it in the way that stale tortillas from Safeway resemble the ones Lisa made by hand this morning.

But I’m buying a chinoise now; I’m sick of that stupid machine.