Today was my first apricot harvest of the year, a very large orchard in Los Gatos.

One of the most enjoyable benefits of volunteering with Village Harvest is being able to spend time in beautiful places like this.

Beautiful, but hot. There was a snafu with the truck, and, by the time our hero Bud had brought it over, many of the volunteers had had enough tramping around in the orchard. So they sorted apricots, instead.

But the die-hards kept it up, shaking the fruit down on to tarps, since it was too steep to use ladders.

Although we could have used many more volunteers to let us harvest all of the fruit, that which we did harvest totally filled Henry’s truck, so maybe it was for the best.

So many apricots are bruised or nicked that everyone got to take home lots of beautiful, ripe fruit. Joni took the most beautiful ones to show off to the Committee for Green Foothills tour that’s at Veggielution this afternoon.

More apricots to come this week, so I didn’t take any myself.

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