Teenage Tomatoes

Here’s what’s happening in my own garden.

The front bed looks nice, although I should weed it, and the squirrels have so far eaten every squash. (But, mysteriously, have not decimated the apricots, as is their wont.) I have a couple pimientos de Padrón:

The Stupice tomato is looking good, although pruning the suckers has given me this tall, skinny plant. I may let it get bushier, now that it’s almost reached the top of it’s cage.

My tomatoes in back look good, although what I thought was an Early Girl is pretty stunted, albeit churning out the early tomatoes.

I’m no longer sure what kind these guys are, but they please me.

The beds with the beans and cucumbers are embarrassingly weedy. I’ll let you know when I get my first cukes.