Back to the farm

Quite a miscellany today.

First, I made it back to Veggielution for maybe an hour this afternoon. Time to do a better job of scheduling.

I knew things would be much bigger after two weeks away in high summer, but I was still happy to see the newly-staked tomatoes in the new plot.

Today we had a group of about 30 kids come to the farm, on a field trip for their summer camp. Amie gave them a tour

and I got them to try raw purslane picked from the dirt! When I told them it’s verdolagas in Spanish, several of them said “Oh, yeah! My [dad/grandma] loves that.”

Second, I was thrilled to see that the Campbell Whole Foods is donating the bag credit to Veggielution! A huge thank you to Paul and Sal! BYOB through September to benefit your favorite urban farming project.

Finally, the links that caught my eye this week. The paper of record has two essays about cooking in summer rentals. The issues described didn’t really come up in Capitola, because I could go back home mid week and get my own garlic press (OK, and feed the cats) and because I brazenly assumed all cooking and breakfast-buying duties, despite the fact that my best friend, with whose family we shared the house, is herself an excellent cook. (I took on going to Gayle’s every morning because I got up earlier than everyone else.)

The Chronicle has a guide to local off-the-boat seafood buying, part of a larger series of where food comes from the in the Bay Yarea.

My wheat stalks are still soaking in wet towels. I hope I can get to the corn dolly tomorrow.