Hello, dolly

Sometimes I’m so very obvious.

It’s not often I can cross post to both of my blogs, but maybe some day I’ll find some local organic wool and knit something with it. I brought home a bunch of wheat stalks from Saturday’s harvest at Live Earth Farm, and this morning I finally sat down and made my corn dolly.

While it would have been prettier with less smutty wheat, and while practice obviously makes perfect, I think it will be a nice ornament for the farm. I’m going to give it to Debbie, who runs the CSA, at the pickup this afternoon. I feel compelled to add that I don’t ascribe to it any of the pagan magickal abilities I read about while searching online for instructions.

And one day, it would be fun to make some of the shapes I remember from the Renaissance Faire of the late 70’s.

image via www.wicstun.com

3 thoughts on “Hello, dolly

  1. Thank you for your prompt reply. The Corn Dolly tea-towel was designed by Janet Twigger (in the UK), and the artwork was by a very talented man, Neil Thwaites, who sadly passed away in 1999. He was the first President of the Guild of Straw Craftsmen. (www.strawcraftsmen.co.uk).
    The dollies shown on the tea towel are all very traditional designs, still being made today.
    It was good to read on your blog that you, too, had made a corn dolly – it’s good to see these agrarian traditions being carried on.

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