Clean slate

The nice thing about not having bought any food in San José for two weeks is that my fridge had plenty of room for today’s CSA box.

Clockwise from bottom right we have: eggs, strawberries, white onions, potatoes (in the bag) carrots, bagged broccoli, bagged arugula, radishes, bagged spinach, baby bok choi , butter lettuce, bagged chilis and bagged pimentos de Padrón and nappa cabbage. You’ll have to take my word for what’s in the bags, I guess.

We’re between fruits here, with only the one box of strawberries. I eagerly await the pears that Tom says are ripening off the tree for a while. I’ve already used the spinach, arugula and broccoli in a dish to bring to the Veggielution Thursday night cookout tonight: combined with carmelized onions, garlic, pinenuts and golden raisins. I’ll try to bring the radishes along, too. I’ve also already roasted and peeled all of the peppers to freeze for later. The LEF newsletter warned that the pimentos de Padrón were picked too big and were all hot, so they went into the mix, too. Usually these peppers are served grilled, and only one in a bunch will be a spicy surprise. I still haven’t got tired of the bok choi with scrambled eggs and ginger. The nappa cabbage could become slaw or okonomi yaki, we’ll just have to see. The carrots are in the carrot bag, and I’m sure I’ll roast or mash the potatoes. I have some trotters in my freezer that I’ve been wanting to cook, so they’ll need a side dish. Maybe I can get some friends to come over and help eat them.

And because they’re in season, and they always make me smile, a photo of the naked ladies in my garden.