Back of the house

I met with Mike Borkenhagen of Eulipia this afternoon; we talked about recipes for the dinner, serving logistics and food prep. I said hello to the pears in the walk-in cooler; they look fine. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone so generous and cheerful, although he protests that he’s not actually doing anything.

I signed up for winter and summer shares for the Live Earth Farm CSA just now. They’ve started working with a software startup called Farmigo, which has written a CSA management system. It looks as though it can be used by multiple farms that want to join together to offer a range of products. From a consumer point of view, it sounds great. I imagine, however, that the challenge will be signing up farms, given that only 60% of farms have internet access.

LEF is one of the largest CSA programs around, though, so their making it work should be good for them and Farmigo.