Fight. Love. Live.

We picked some apples at Filoli this morning, in the beautiful old orchard that is being lovingly restored by Alex Fernandez, their head horticulturalist. They pick themselves for fruit tastings for the members of Filoli, and not everything was ripe yet, but we picked about 10 large trees’ worth of fruit.

Filoli is in the same valley that holds Crystal Springs Reservoir, as well as the San Andreas Fault, and it was a beautiful morning to be there, especially after the rain.

The old apple trees are really big.

There are many new trees, planted to replace the ones that died in the years of neglect. Alex says that this is the first year they’ve had chestnuts.

And on the way out, I saw a pair of wild turkeys.

We’ll be going back in a few weeks for the Kieffer pears we picked last year.